Domaine Amourella

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Terms & Conditions

Subject of the rental :

The rental contract is for the exclusive use of the selected gîte or room located at 500 Chemin de la tour de Janet, Lambesc.

Duration of stay :

The rental is a seasonal rental, the duration of which may not exceed 7 days. The tenant who signs this contract for a fixed period may not, under any circumstances, take advantage of any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.

Booking validity :

The booking becomes effective once the tenant has sent the owner a deposit of 30% of the total rental amount at the time of booking.

Payment of the balance :

The balance must be paid no later than one month before the date on which you are due to move in, together with a copy of the signed contract.

Security deposit :

At the latest when moving in, the tenant will give a cheque payable to the landlord as a deposit to cover any rental damage. This cheque will not be cashed and will be returned within a maximum of 15 days after departure if there are no rental damages. In the event of damage, the security deposit will be returned within a maximum of 2 months, after deduction of the cost of repair.

Arrival arrangements:

The tenant must arrive on the specified day between 4pm and 7pm. In the event of late or delayed arrival, the lessee must inform the lessor.

Departure arrangements:

The tenant must vacate the accommodation by 11am at the latest. In the event of a late departure, the lessor must be notified by the lessee.

Handover of keys :

The keys to the gîte will be handed over personally on arrival or departure.

Condition of the premises :

The inventory of fixtures is carried out in the presence of both parties. It will be drawn up and signed on the day of entry into the premises and on the day of departure. The lessor may be represented by a person of his choice.

Compulsory extras :

The rent does not include tourist tax, which must be paid on site at the end of the rental period for anyone over the age of 18. This is calculated for each stay and capped at one euro per day per adult.

Use of the premises :

The tenant must respect the peaceful nature of the premises and use them in accordance with their intended purpose. The tenant must not do anything that might disturb the peace and quiet of the other tenants and must recognise that this rental is granted solely as a temporary residence and for pleasure. On departure, the tenant undertakes to return the accommodation and its equipment in the same condition as they found it on arrival. The tenant undertakes to make normal and reasonable use of the facilities and equipment provided. The tenant is prohibited from making a copy of the keys provided by the lessor. The tenant also undertakes to inform the lessor as soon as possible of any breakdown, damage, incident or malfunction. In the event of damage to the premises, breakages or failure to comply with these rules, all or part of the deposit will be retained.

Housekeeping :

Cleaning is included in the rental price. However, certain rules of etiquette must be observed.

Capacity :

This contract is drawn up for a maximum capacity of 2 people. If the number of tenants exceeds the accommodation capacity, the lessor may refuse to accept additional people. Any modification or breach of contract will therefore be considered to be at the customer’s initiative.

Cancellation by the tenant :

If you cancel more than 15 days before your arrival date, your deposit will be refunded only on request by e-mail to Between 14 days and 7 days before arrival: the deposit is retained by the establishment. Between 7 days and the day of arrival or no-show: you will be required to pay 100% of the total cost of your stay. Changes can be made 14 days or more before your arrival date, subject to availability. The new dates of your stay must be agreed as soon as possible. No stay may be postponed beyond the end of the current season. Any shortened stay will be charged in full.

Interruption of stay :

If the stay is cut short, the price of the rental remains the property of the lessor. In this case, no refund will be made.

Cancellation by the lessor :

The lessor pays the lessee all the sums paid.

Insurance :

The tenant indicates that he/she has insurance covering rental risks. The lessor may request a copy of the insurance policy from the lessee when the reservation is made or when the lessee moves in. OR In addition, as the Tenant is responsible for any damage caused by him/her, he/she must be covered by a holiday insurance policy for these various risks.

Containment conditions :

Any holiday cancelled online will be reimbursed in the form of a voucher for the amount already paid. This voucher, sent by e-mail, will be valid for 18 months.
Any stay during a confinement period will be put on hold, your deposit will be retained and your stay may be postponed for up to 18 months. Your booking number will be requested to set a new date.

These conditions do not include any additional charges.

For standard bookings: The establishment will deduct 50% of the cost of the stay as a deposit, excluding services and discounts, and the balance will be paid on site.